Avatar Bhajans



This, our first long play album, contains over 80 minutes of hymns, stotrams, chants and devotional songs which explore a variety of spiritual moods. The slow and deeply moving “Arupa Shayarey,” the fast-paced and inspirational “Murta Maheshvaram,” “Hari Om Ramakrishna” and “Om Bhagavan,” call and response chants with choral accompaniment and flute, cello and sitar embellishments – all combine to create a consummate devotional music experience. A perfect companion for joyful celebration, deep introspection, and blissful communion.

“I listen to your Avatar music often, bathing in the Mother’s love. I feel so grateful that your music and poems have found their way into my life.” – K.W., Oregon

“This album is really good. In India we have some of these songs by other singers, but your comments and teachings make them more valuable. I look forward to hours of bliss listening to it.” – Dr. Sumita Roy, India