Coalescing the Four Yogas (CD Set)




Studious, contemplative, devotional, and active — these are the four types of human temperaments. The four yogas — Jnana, Raja, Bhakti, and Karma — correspond directly to these essential natures of living beings. By assigning the practices advised by these four yogas to the challenges and problems found in study, meditation, worship, and works, the aspiring soul can master life, attain realization, and help other beings to do the same. This set, recorded live in an ashram setting, outlines the attributes and directives of each of the four major yogas of Vedic dharma. Age-old misconceptions around the proposed incompatibility of the practices of knowledge and devotion, and the seemingly contradictory ways of action and inaction, are rendered nil and void, as the obvious and preferable path of coalescence is brought forth and elucidated upon.

4 CD Set