Deva Devi Svarupaya



Due to the popularity of Shakti Bhajans, Hymns to the Goddess, and Kali Bol, Jai Ma Music has released Deva Devi Svarupaya, a collection of inspired offerings to the Goddess — the fourth in a seris of recordings dedicated fully to the Divine Mother of the Universe — containing three original Sanskrit compositions by Babaji Bob Kindler and four traditional favorites, featuring Jai Ma Music’s Shakti Choir.

“I spent the day listening to ‘Deva devi Svarupaya.’ It’s a wonderful album! I forgot how listening to your music changes the whole life experience. Jai Ma Music is transformative.” – S.P., Illinois

“I have shared this album with everyone I know who loves the Mother and Indian music. All feel transported and enraptured by what can only be described as the sincerest of love coming through your voices and in the weaving together of the instruments — such beautiful compositions.”