Issue #12



Table of Contents for #12

6 The Nectar of Advaitic Instruction
Compelling and intriguing questions from our Readers.

10 Quan Yin and the Great Compassion
In Her august manifestation as Quan Yin, the Wisdom Mother of the Buddhas, the primordial Goddess saves souls and prevents them from falling into endless cycles of suffering via death and rebirth in ignorance.

12 The Wheel of Brahman
by Annapurna Sarada
Nirguna, without distinguishing attributes, and Saguna, endowed with all manner of attributes – such is Brahman, the Absolute Reality. Yet, these two apparently contradictory modes are one and the same when seen from the nondual station of purified mind. This unified vision was the unique perspective of the rishis of ancient India, as recorded in the Upanisads. An apt illustration of this, called the Wheel of Brahman, lies in the pages of the Svetasvataropanisad.

17 The Purification of Psychology
by Sheikh Nur Al-Jerrahi
Swimming in a wash of ineffectual mind-numbing processes, conventional Western Psychology continues in its plan of healing action based on circular mental reasoning and hum-drum verbal counseling combined with the questionable prescription of a whole host of marketable pharmaceutical products. Uninformed as to the finite nature of ordinary mind, and unable to cope with the increasing rash of illnesses and imbalances besetting humanity, it refuses to consult its more experienced older brother, Eastern Psychology (Yoga), and its mature older sister, Religion. Bereft of the keys to perfect mental health found in the teachings of nondual scripture, and blind to the ultimate exemplars of mental purity, called holy beings, it defaults to a status of mere compromise and cash-flow, trapped in interminable cycles of depreciating mental analysis.

20 Source of Philosophy
by Dr. Sharad Chandra
Educating Christendom and secularized Western intelligencia about the vast scope and deep profundity of Eastern religion and philosophy is a difficult task. With regard to Indian Philosophy, the West’s failure to acknowledge its authenticity, and the apt and ample representation of Truth found therein amounts to more than mere oversight. What is lost by way of benefit to humanity at large is lamentable indeed.

25 The Two Vedic Ideals
by Babaji Bob Kindler
Whereas renunciation of the world based upon its transitory nature is not a popular concept among the worldly or the pseudo-spiritual, it must be accomplished via the mind’s resolve and enlightenment before any substantial spirituality is gained. The rishis of India, however, had a consummate formula for its attainment based upon material well-being for all leading to fulfillment and transcendence of relativity.

31 Conscious Contemplations on Retreat
Create an atmosphere of holy stillness in a sylvan sanctuary and people it with a few dedicated spiritual aspirants bent upon knowing the Self within. Offer these worthy beings a diet of pure and sanctified vegetarian food served in the manner and attitude of selfless service to the one God dwelling within all. Then, engage in practices and austerities such as evening worship, daily meditation, chanting of the holy names of God, and study of nondual scriptures under the guidance of a well-intentioned spiritual preceptor. You might well be surprised at what comes forth!