Issue #23



Table of Contents for #23

4 Nectar of Advaitic Instruction
Queries of an intense and compelling nature come our
way again on such important and diverse subjects and
issues as meditation, egoism, bondage, holy company,
truth, depression, and Absolute Reality.

10 The Illusion of Change
by Babaji Bob Kindler
Does anything really ever happen, or is it that it merely only seems to take place? Does a runner running a race in a dream actually go anywhere? Maya, the ultimate enigma, is something serious to be studied – from a distance.

13 Inner Pilgrimage
by Swami Aseshananda
Nectar features another great discourse by this special illumined soul, who was the last living monastic disciple of Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi.

18 Wisdom Facets from the Gem of Truth

20 Relevance of Jainism
by Swami Brahmeshananda
In a second installment of teachings on the Jain faith, many of the deeper aspects and beliefs of India’s gentlest religion get presented and explored.

25 Divine Mother Transmission
by Lex Hixon
Though not as popular today as in its heyday, live radio was, in its own day, a powerful medium for reaching a large number of listeners in a most unique and intimate way, as this transcribed offering from WBAI’s “In The Spirit” series illustrates.

30 Destroying the Ground of Delusion
by Anam Thubden Rinpoche
Nectar of Nondual Truth is most gratified to present the first in a series of empowering and enlightening dharma talks by Thubden Rinpoche on Buddhist thought, meditation, and philosophy.

34 Computing Consciousness
by D. S. Lokanath
The perfect system – it has been sought after from time out of mind, whether on the informational, intellectual, or philosophical level. A computer, the human mind, the scriptures – what similarities do they share in common, and what can these correlations teach us?

37 Nectar Book & DVD Reviews
The books Vivekananda on Himself, Garden of Mystery, and The Inner Journey are reviewed, as well as two special DVD’s from Inner Directions.