Issue #28



Table of Contents #28

10 Survival of the Fittest
by Swami Sunirmalananda
Placing a unique twist on this oft-repeated phrase, this convincing article reveals the real meaning of words such as “strength” and “fitness,” aligning them with words like “compassion” and “love.” The principle of true Existence is thus rendered clear and desirable.

12 Vivekananda & His Women Disciples
by Professor Sharad Chandra
In the impressive sweep that heralded Swami Vivekananda’s timely appearance in the West, it was the presence of a group of highly qualified women that mainly paved the way to his overall success here.

15 Early Christian Asceticism
by Professor Edward T. Ulrich
Renunciation, though foreign to the public sector in general, and to conventional religion, is nevertheless the very essence of authentic religion.  This is true not only of those religions whose especial earmarks are detachment and transcendence, but also of those traditions whose pathways have been  cut in the very foundation of the world.

18 Pilgrimage to Pavapuri
by Swami Brahmeshananda
In this installment on Jainism, the reader is ushered into the sacred precincts of the holy Jain temple compound and its devotional way of life. As the swami states in his inspiring article, “…the shrine has an unusual serenity, and the mind becomes calm and indrawn as soon as one enters it. Here one need not, rather, must not, try to control the mind, but must relax and allow the peace and holiness of the place to permeate one’s being.”

27 The Wonder of Universality
by Babaji Bob Kindler
There are stages to a culture’s maturation over time, and to humanity’s spiritual refinement.  The best barometer for these types of progress is the principle of Universality, wherein the very best of mankind’s aspiration is combined with actual practice in the open-minded atmosphere of support for all World Religions.

32 Taking Hand in Sufism
by Sheikh Nur al-Jerrahi
With its Four Levels and Seven Steps, the blessing of “taking hand” in Sufism is described in detail, utilizing precious imagery and direct personal experience.

37 Prayer and the Knowledge of G-d
by Rabbi Eli Mallon
The superlative Jewish song, Adan Olam, is taken up for consideration in this stirring testament to its powers of transformation.

40 Inlakech — You Are My Other Me
by David Escobar
Nectar journal is delighted to present its first article representing one of the sacred indigenous religions of the world, whose ties to mother earth and her living spirit still run deep and strong. 

42 Song from the Heart
by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche
The immeasurably great blessing of the Lineage Gurus is the subject of this article, woven with subtle wisdom threads into the foundational fabric of the Dakpo Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

49 Spiritual Discernment
by Paravasta Sam Bailey
An in-depth examination of the principle of spiritual discrimination forms the content of this expose, set in the context of several world traditions.

55 Advaitic Judaism
by Rabbi Rami Shapiro
In another offering of the rabbi’s sharing of wisdom in the Jewish tradition, he cites ample proof and support for the presence of Nonduality in and throughout the Jewish scriptures and its teachings.

57 On Swami Vivekananda
by Swami Aseshananda
In an ongoing testament to this late, great swami, Nectar of Nondual Truth is pleased to offer a transcription of another of his glowing discourses.