Issue #6



Table of Contents for #6

7 The Nectar of Advaitic Instruction –
Questions from our Readers
As the Nectar journal enters its second year of issues, we look back over the first year and find letters and questions from our readers. 12 Return to Christian Advaita
by Father Bruno Barnhart
Father Barnhart writes, “Nonduality is at the heart of the Christian revelation, or Christ-mystery, but one would probably never guess this if acquainted only with the theology and the biblical interpretation of the last few centuries.” With this in mind, we look for a return to Christian Advaita in the third millennium – a return to the Christ’s original nondual teachings.

14 Ekam Satya –
One Truth, One Way, Many Approaches

by Dr. Sharad Chandra
Humanity is and always has been one cohesive whole, sharing the same Source of origin. Ultimately, to realize Absolute Reality, they follow one way – that of nondual Truth. Yet vast and diverse are Its many modes of expression.

16 Quest for Knowledge
by Dr. C S Shah
The ancient rishis and acharyas who deftly transmitted the Advaita Philosophy and passed it down successfully over many centuries knew that true knowledge led to realization of the immortal Self. Thus was the quest for nondual wisdom valued most highly by every sincere and qualified seeker.

17 Story of the Hasta-Amalaka Stotram
A Fruit in the Palm of the Hand

by Babaji Bob Kindler
The great and wondrous Adishankaracharya knew that the nectar-like words miraculously expressed by a young mute boy comprised the Hasta-amalaka Stotram – a teaching of Advaitic fame. As easily as one can see a fruit lying in the palm of one’s hand, just as clearly must one behold the Atman, one’s true essence. 19 SRV Retreat Center Inauguration
Construction on the SRV Retreat Center on the Big Island of Hawaii was completed this year, and on November 14th, Kali Puja, students and friends of SRV gathered for its auspicious inauguration.

21 Self and Ego
by Aurthur Osborne
To make an all-important distinction between the real and unreal, sages inform humanity of both the Ultimate Reality and that illusory sense of personal self called the ego, likened to a “line drawn on water.”

23 God Only – Guidance and Suffering
by Lex Hixon
From his book, Coming Home, Lex Hixon lovingly and lucidly describes some of the dynamics of the Hasidic way, referred to as The Landscape that Laughs.

27 The Advaita of Ishvari –
Sri Sarada Devi’s Transcendent Purity

by Annapurna Sarada
The three “p’s” – patience, perseverance and purity – are an unbeatable combination for success in spiritual life. About purity, there was no greater exemplar than Sri Sarada Devi, the Holy Mother, whose life gives us an opportunity to comprehend purity in its three major aspects: purity of place, purity of action, and purity of mind.