Jai Ho Vivekananda!



In Celebration of 150 years of Swamiji’s Presence on Earth 

This album will have wide appeal to all who admire and revere Swami Vivekananda. Those who love sacred music and are inspired by the highest Truth will be glad of heart upon hearing this album. And all those who have seen Jai Ma Music at rare concerts and appearances over three decades will be utterly delighted to have these songs at long last.

No less than four gifted tabla players grace this album: Gregg Johnson, Daniel Paul, Benjy Wertheimer, and Achyut Bhandari. Jai Ma Music’s Shakti Choir lends their joyful, earnest voices to a few pieces, which includes the ever-popular and very profound Guru Stotram. Babaji’s cello and vocals weave a heart-melting thread of devotion throughout.


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