Music from the Matrix II — Sacred Earth



The followup to Matrix I is a further exploration of the musical matrix using a blend of cross cultural styles and instruments from around the world. It has been well described by admirers and professionals as “refined modern chamber music.”

“An instrumental tour de force that is both soul-enriching and musically perfect, containing a wonderful blend of melodies intertwined with an enriched spatial background. The music is original, classically inspired and wonderfully restrained.” – Yoga Journal 
“In this second album from the Matrix series, Babaji Bob Kindler again leads us through richly interior sounds, darkly gleaming like some rare, burnished wood. Here you move in states which seem adjacent to normal awareness, falling luxuriously through solidity into nothinginess, sliding down liquid cello lines, moving inside out as the sonic environment changes, dreamily. Kindler hears the cello in nonordinary ways. He evokes its most mysterious and refined character, providing a warm, fluid space for the imagination to move in.” – Hearts of Space