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Nectar of Non-Dual Truth is an annual publication that contains articles on the philosophy and spirituality of India’s Vedanta and other world religious traditions by authentic practitioners, focused on practice and realization.


Nectar of Non-Dual Truth, A Journal of Universal Religious and Philosophical Teachings is an annual publication that contains articles on the philosophy and spirituality of Vedanta and other religious traditions by authentic practitioners and teachers. Issue #38 is dedicated to the methods, practice, and experience of divine life and practice across a variety of religious and spiritual Traditions, with a particular focus on the practices that transform one’s mind and its perceptions, leading to inner peace and the capacity for selfless service and ultimately, Enlightenment. In this issue we include teachings from Vedanta, Advaita Vedanta, Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, Western Philosophy. Teachers and practitioners include: Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Pir Vilayet Khan (in an interview with Lex Hixon), Swami Aseshananda, Swami Brahmeshananda, Anam Thubten, Dr. Larry Herzberg, Babaji Bob Kindler, and Annapurna Sarada. The always popular feature, Nectar of Advaitic Instruction, along with Wisdom Facets from the Gem of Truth, Vedanta 101, and quotes from the Worlds Religious Traditions complete this special issue.

Table of Contents:

The Nectar of Advaitic Instruction, regular feature

God As Mother, Swami Aseshananda

The Dire Effects of Vismriti (Loss of Divine Memory), Babaji Bob Kindler

Vedanta 101 – Teachings on Peace, SRV Staff

Blossoming of Consciousness, Swami Brahmeshananda

Is Our Practice Bringing Transformation, Anam Thubten

Religious Views as Foundational, Prof. Larry Herzberg Ph.D.

Godblogs and Brahman Bytes, Babaji Bob Kindler

Seeing the Face of God, Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Interview with Pir Vilayet Khan, Alexander Hixon

Absolute Reality & God, Annapurna Sarada

Wisdom Facets from the Gem of Truth, regular feature

Scriptural Sayings of the Words Religious Traditions, regular feature