Cosmic Quintuplications: The Secret of Panchakarana




The Cosmic Quintuplication system, or Panchakarana, describes the unique process by which manifesting consciousness takes on form or, put another way, how the embodying soul takes on matter by inserting itself into forms or vehicles of its choosing. Cosmic Quintuplication, a system of cosmology revealed to India’s ancient seers, offers a cogent explanation of how the soul reaches the earth plane from the inner life-heavens, and especially how Great Souls depart the indivisible Realm of pure, conscious Awareness to bring healing, well-being, and nondual wisdom to the peoples of the many worlds. This straightforward method accounts for five elements, five outer senses, five inner senses, five primordial elements, and the fivefold mind, and connects them all together in an unbroken line of succession that explains the subtle dynamics of evolution and involution in a way that reveals consciousness, intelligence, mind, and matter to be one divine plan.

Softcover, illustrated charts
6 x 9 / 114 pages / U.S. $15.00
ISBN 978-1-891893-21-6