Twenty-Four Aspects of Mother Kali




Who could forget their own mother, what to speak of the Mother of all souls? This publication represents an attempt to remind humanity of their divine parentage, of their source of origin and of their perfect inner nature. This book is a “must read,” not only for aspirants and devotees, but also for followers of Eastern religion and philosophy and for every interested advocate of the Divine Mother path, regardless of cultural bias, personal preference, or historical orientation.

Paperback / 5.25 x 8.25 / 238 pages / U.S. $19.00 / Kindle Edition available
ISBN 1-891893-04-1

It is a most beautiful book…Babaji’s words about Kali the Divine Mother of the Universe literally jump out from the pages to engulf and drown me in their infinite love and extraordinary description of Her, until I am lifted into another realm of pure love and beauty.

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