Worlds Unseen



A wonderful contrast to the many chanting cassettes in Sanskrit, Bengali, and Hindi, Jai Ma Music has released this set of eight devotional songs sung in English using men and women’s choir, strings, winds, electric and accoustic guitar, bass and drums. The songs also feature several talented female solo vocalists as well as the intriguing acoustic 12 and 6 string guitar work of Babaji Bob Kindler.

“Honestly, with Worlds Unseen I am so moved by the lyrics and the way the music calls forth every drop of meaning from them. The glimpses I get of a total spiritual perspective while living in the world are precious.” – L.G., Oregon

“It is hard to believe that one tape can encompass such a range of potent spiritual sentiments. The interplay of the instruments, especially those cello and electric guitar duets, is not to be missed!” – A.S., Hawaii