Issue #18



Table of Contents for #18

4 The Nectar of Advaitic Instruction
Compelling and intriguing questions from our readers followed by answers from our Spiritual Director.

8 Awakening to Oneness
by Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee
From the inbreath to the outbreath, from the senses to the self, from emptiness to fullness – it is all contained within the boundless and indivisible expanse of a homogenous Oneness that is inexpressible yet all-pervasive.

13 The Bhagavad Gita through New Eyes
by President Maharaj, Swami Ranganathananda
The Bhagavad Gita, long and widely revered for its universal message of authentic spirituality, has now to be taken up and practiced by its many ardent followers. As Swami Vivekananda stated, we cannot merely leave the teachings of the sacred books of the world lying hidden in the pages, but must bring them out and make them manifest in life. This is one of the most important tasks to face mankind today, for when the art of sacred living is revived once again all other problems will right themselves automatically.

18 Sitting in Ch’an Zen Retreat
by Lex Hixon
A contemporary luminary, now passed away, and who considered himself as holding joint citizenship in several of the worlds great traditions, tells of his profound experience sitting in Zen retreat with a Chinese Buddhist master.

22 An Introduction to the Upanishads
by Dr. T. S. Rukmani
The Upanishads hold a unique position among the many sacred scriptures belonging to India. They represent the condensed spiritual experience of the ancient rishis which duly culminated in God-realization. In these sacred records the luminaries of that time left behind a record of the path they tread and the insights they gained for later generations. In this article a few of those insights are explored.

24 Organizations of Seva
Sevashramas – organizations visualizing, creating, fostering, and carrying charitable service – exist in abundance in India, and warrant financial support.

27 Living in the Moment
by Annapurna Sarada
Are expressions such as “living in the moment” and “be here now” conveying to spiritual seekers the subtle awareness of timelessness and transcendence as they are supposed to do, or have they presently become mere off-the-cuff sayings fostering compromise of time-tested and honorable philosophical principles?

28 Understanding Reincarnation
by Babaji Bob Kindler
Far more than a far-fetched Eastern philosophical concept, and infinitely deeper than a mere new age fantasy party-game, reincarnation is that cosmic law of life which, when comprehended in its original form, will unravel and solve many of the pressing questions plaguing the contemporary mind today.