Ever Free Never Bound



With this sequel to Tiger’s Paw, cruise through an incredible landscape of timeless original music and masterful synergy. This wonderful album reflects the breathtaking sweep of Himalayan Mountains, echoing sacred rivers flowing past ancient temples and the sights and sounds of the village marketplace. With the sublime blend of horsehair gliding over singing strings, vital breath through silver tubes and goatskin stretched over hollowed wood, the hauntingly beautiful selections on this album are sure to thrill and inspire.

“Babaji Bob Kindler is still playing the same Indian-influenced music that made his last album, Tiger’s Paw, so exciting. Kindler sends long, elegiac cello lines arcing over strummed autoharps and propulsive tabla rhythms from Gregg Johnson and Daniel Paul. He’s joined by Sulubika, whose flutes tease and seduce the melodies, intertwining and trading off with the cello. Kindler’s Indian chamber music at times recalls the instrumental fire of John McLaughlin’s Shakti, but with a stronger loyalty to mood and melody.” – Billboard Magazine

“The music on that album comes from another place; a different dimension.” – M.J., Hawaii