Music from the Matrix III — Waters of Life



Jai Ma Music’s most popular album captures the mind with a lyrical liquidity of musical line. Many are the albums available that are designed for meditation. Waters of Life, however, is that rare creation springing from the result of meditation. With an enchanting blend of harp, flute, sitar, and strings, all combined with sonorous cello, the sensitive listener will subtly thrill to musical encounters with Divine “Tenderness,” “Happiness,” “Grace,” and “Wonder” — just a few of the rapturous compositions in this instrumental classic from Jai Ma Music.

“The appeal of this music is more than just its lyricism and melodic beauty, its exquisite sound textures, or even the sensititvity of the performances. Babaji produces a rare music of mysticism. though many composers claim it, here is one whose love,reverence and compassion are truly audible.” – Hearts of Space

“Really good sounds that clearly stand out from the ‘aural wallpaper.’ Waters of Life is stunningly beautiful.” – Sweet Potato

“Superb.” – Body, Mind, Spirit