Sarada Ramakrishna Name


In honor of the Great Master and the Holy Mother, Jai Ma Music places another offering of sacred hymns at the feet of the devotees of the Lord and Mother of the Universe. Replete with the Sri Sarada Suprabhatam and much-loved Sri Sarada Stuti, this collection is also adorned with Swami Vivekananda’s powerful hymn to Sri Ramakrishna, titled “Achandala.” This long-play album transports the focused and insightful listener directly to the harmonious realm of Sarada-Ramakrishna Loka, where only love, wisdom, peace, bliss, and freedom truly matter. Selected compositions are enhanced with the Cello, Sitar, Flute, and the Shakti Choir against Jai Ma’s backdrop of Autoharp and Tablas.

“I’m listening to the other albums you gave me, including Sarada Ramakrishna Name and the Puja/Arati Hymns. They are beautiful and are truly satisfying the need for spiritual communion in me. Thank you again.” – S.W., Michigan