Issue #14



Table of Contents for #14  
6 The Nectar of Advaitic Instruction
Compelling and intriguing questions from our readers.

12 Joint Citizenship in Parallel Sacred Worlds
by Lex Hixon
Discussions on religious unity, plurality, and solidarity have thus far been limited or relegated only to the occasional interfaith seminar. Rare indeed is the consummate guidebook, the well-constructed map of singular dynamics directing such a worthy undertaking, which outlines both the pitfalls to avoid and the observances necessary to bring this great ideal to fruition on the level of a harmonious world order.

19 The Divine Incarnation in Religious Tradition
Gathered from the gleanings of L. J. Das in India, this article accents the similarities and affirmations of religious traditions on the enigmatic subject of the Divine Incarnation, treating the related subjects of the divine Word, the Spirit manifest in the human body, and the sacrifice entailed in such an assumption.

22 An Introduction to Contemplative Judaism
by Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro
Ushering in hidden wellsprings of deep spirituality in any religious tradition is always a welcome and inspiring vision to behold. In an article dedicated to such discovery of truths heretofore hidden to many, the author outlines both the principles and practices of contemplative experience in Judaism.

24 Seductive City of Sankalpa
by Babaji Bob Kindler
“The mind can be either the portal to freedom or the gateway to dire bondage.” With these words, and ones of like kind, Thakur Sri Ramakrishna and other luminaries tell a double-edged tale of joy and jadedness, inferring both the amazing powers of mind as well as its degenerative tendency towards fashioning illusory fantasy worlds replete with all mode and manner of suffering.

29 The Role of Human Values in Life and Religion
by Dr. Sharad Chandra
“What has become of our youth?” is a common cry of the day, but not satisfied to merely lament the downfall of human values, the teachings of ancient India both demonstrate and elucidate the subject, offering a swift return to family values based upon Truth.

31 The Living Tao
by Shannon Kelly
A practicing Shaman tells of his faith, trust, and experience in the sacred tradition of Taoism, and his efforts at lending its timeless tenets and teachings as solutions to the various problems of human beings living today.