Music from the Matrix I — Infinite Space



This is the original Matrix release which has been described by contemporary music experts as the best kept secret of the New Age Music movement. It contains six subtly beautiful pieces which describe in musical language the admirable qualities of a pure life. It is highly appreciated and used extensively by meditators, dancers, teachers, and professionals of mental and physical therapy.

“This is contemporary mystical chamber music — beautiful and absorbing. Kindler summons the cello’s deepest qualities, and places a combination of instruments into a dimensionally expanded soundspace.” – Hearts of Space
“The best of New Age music beckons. Are you experienced? In Music from the Matrix, Babaji Bob Kindler creates a series of spacious textures, over which he plays composed and improvised melodic cello lines. Matrix is gentle, uplifting…as intimate as it is nourishing. It opens the receptive and emotionally affirmative centers of the heart. Lush, beautiful, enduring, and highly recommended.” – Pulse Magazine