The Ecstatic Songs of Ramprasad Vol 1



Lex Hixon, Rose Cabanlit, and Babaji Bob Kindler recite the deeply profound songs of this celebrated poet-saint of India, set perfectly against a backdrop of instruments from around the world. Translated with deep insight and loving care by the beloved author and spiritual teacher Lex Hixon, these poems convey a profound sense of divinity at every listening.

“Highly noteworthy is Jai Ma Music’s ‘The Ecstatic Songs of Ramprasad, which includes Ramprasad’s devotional poetry set to music. An auditory and inspirational delight!” – Tantra Magazine

“Greetings and blessings for your work — Divine Mother’s work through you. And thanking you for reciting Ramprasad’s poetry. The soul is deeply touched hearing it.” – D.H., California