Siva! Siva!



Within its sweet and powerful interior lie musical gems from noted luminaries like Tulsidas, Shankara, and Abhinavagupta, contributing an inspiring combination of jnana and bhakti, wisdom and devotion, to an all-attracting backdrop of sacred sound.

From the devout depths of the Siva Manasa Puja to the nondual classic, Hastamalaka Stotram, this collection of ancient Sanskrit hymns is designed to place the rapt and concentrated listener into deep states of higher awareness.Musically adorned by well-arranged instrumental accompaniment utilizing cellos, flute, vocals, and backup women’s chorus, this work is a fine and fitting testament to Lord Siva, the God of Wisdom, offering over sixty minutes of beautiful melody, harmony, and lyricism for the discerning devotee and audiofile.
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“Babaji Bob Kindler’s latest musical offering is a veritable nada malika, a garland of beautiful blossoms of sound, offered to the Lord of Yogins, Siva Mahadeva.  While paying respectful homage to the traditional format of bhajan and kirtan, Babaji offers the listener some dynamic innovations.  It’s hard to imagine while listening to these pieces that the cello was not a traditional instrument in Indian performance.

“The arrangements are lush, yet with a meditative spaciousness.  The devotion is palpable.  As with previous musical offerings, I have always appreciated the way Babaji includes the English translations within the performances.  This disc includes an insert with the Sanskrit and Hindi transliterations.

“All five pieces are sonically gorgeous, but perhaps the standout is Babaji’s very personal rendering of the Bhairava Stotram, an homage to Paramasiva written by the Kashmiri Mahapandita and Mahasiddha, Abhinavagupta.  To the best of my knowledge, this has never been committed to disc before.  Jaya Siva Sambhu!”
– l o k a n a t h  d a s