The Ten Divine Articles of Sri Durga: Insights and Meditations



The Divine Articles held aloft in Mother Durga’s ten hands are not just physical objects, not only weapons for fighting negativity and not merely powers for bringing about benefit to struggling and aspiring beings. Each one is an inseparable and intrinsic portion of Her very nature, being extensions of Her infinite attributes and qualities in outer manifestation only. Babaji Bob Kindler explores the symbolism associated with the sacred objects seen in Sri Durga’s lovely hands and proceeds to utilize these many attributes as spiritual and devotional aids in a set of guided meditations.

Paperback, illustrated
5.25 x 8.25 / 75 pages / U.S. $12.00 / Kindle Edition available
ISBN 1-891893-07-6

I have read and thoroughly studied your book on the Divine Mother. The best part of it is the way you demystify the subject and render Her symbology easily comprehensible.

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