Tiger’s Paw



Enter into an incredible interplay of melody, harmony and complex rhythm as cello, flute and tabla tarong (many tuned tablas) create a marvelous blend of acoustic musical styles Featuring many of the well-loved compositions which enchanted live audiences on Jai Ma Music tours.

“You’d have to sit up and take notice at this album’s opening moments, for Kindler has a knack for taking the sounds of other cultures and making them eminently accessible. He is forever nimble, intelligent, and gentle, even when rocking hard. This is another superb album by Babaji Bob Kinder, filled with joy, energy and freshness.” – New Times

Babaji Bob Kindler is unique, to say the least. A cellist, he often plays jazz tinged with Eastern shadings. Tiger’s Paw is a slightly offbeat collection of some mighty fascinating music, inspired by Eastern Indian rhythms and melodies. There is a wonderful cripsness in the recording, a testament to Kindler’s quality engineering, and lively interplay between the flute and cello. Two tracks, Warrior Goddess, with cello so artfully replacing the sitar and some truly incredible tabla tarong work, and the title track, by themselves are well worth the price of the disk.” – Online Digital Review