Universal Aspects of Sanatana Dharma



This dynamic album of inspiring selections from India’s precious array of devotional wisdom songs will cause your heart to melt and your mind to soar in tune with the exquisite sounds of cello, flute, and tabla. Shankaracharya’s “Nirvanashatkam,” and the much-loved Hindi arati song, “Jaya Jagadisha Hare,” are just two of the wonderful selections on this exciting release. This recording also contains the two compelling call and response chants, “Nama Om” and “Deva Devi Swarupaya,” so popular with audiences attending Jai Ma Music’s live concert tours.


“If you have not yet heard Babaji Bob Kindler and his group Jai Ma Music, you are in for a rare and genuinely mystical musical experience. Kindler sings Indian bhajans of sublime beauty and meaning. His warm baritone interpretations are mesmerizing and alive with feeling, saturated as they are with the true essence of the music’s power and wisdom. This is very, very special music to meditate to, evoking a pure and ancient vibration. Listening to Universal Aspects I was enfolded in divine mystery. As with every Kindler/Jai Ma release, the musicianship on this album is world class. The interplay between the musicians is electric.” – New Age Retailer