Issue #16



Table of Contents for #16

4 The Nectar of Advaitic Instruction
Questions and answers which confer benefit on us all.

10 Ramana Maharshi and Buddhist Nondualism
by Lex Hixon
Advaita, Madhyamika, Yogachara and Vajrayana – all profoundly complex and subtly amazing systems of realization – are only surpassed by the incomparable illumined souls from whose radiant heart and mind their essence originally emanated. Thus, authentic scripture and the testament of realized beings remain eternal facets of the Three Great Sources – the third being one’s own experience based in sadhana.

13 360 Degrees – Consciousness as a
Concentric Circle

by Laurence Galian
As the seers of all religions have attested to, Reality is within and without, on all sides, above and below, but its suprafine presence is so subtle as to be all but undetectable. Yet those who seek shall find, especially they who maintain a wide open perspective which, grounded in one authentic tradition, escapes both narrowness and surface eclecticism.

18 Swami Vivekananda and Sister Nivedita
by Dr. C. S. Shah
The consensus amongst those fortunate ones who know and have experienced authentically, is that there is no more wondrous and beneficial relationship on this earth than that of guru and disciple. And among contemporary teacher-student relationships, one would have to seek far, wide and long to find one as inspiring and unique as the one explored lightly herein.

20 The Meaning of Hope in Christianity
by Father Abbot Joseph Homick
Not a desire, certainly not a mere wish, and far transcendent of the realm of the weak and tepid sentimentalism and romanticism it often gets relegated to, authentic hope is more akin to inspiration, aspiration and revelation, as is explained in this short offering.

21 Returning to the Marketplace with
Bliss-Filled Hands

by John Forman
If Western man is to gain both spiritual understanding and transcendental freedom, an astute examination and refining of Christian ideals based upon an open mind and intrepid spirit is needed. This article explores that need, focusing on the limitations of the past and the potentials of the future.

25 Body, Mind and Spirit –
Integration through Discrimination

by Annapurna Sarada
Worldly beings concentrate on and emphasize the world of name and form, i.e., body, senses, mind and objects. Seers, sages and other luminaries focus on the Absolute, beyond all form – and beyond formlessness. Realizing That is true integration, and the way to it lies along the path of discrimination and through the portal of mature detachment.

29 Criteria for Moksha
by Babaji Bob Kindler
What is enlightenment? What is freedom? If you still think it is dependent on production, creation, evolution, attainment or purification, then think again – and think with the help of a strong dose of penetrating insight from the enlightened Advaitic seers of India.